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Frequently Asked Questions About Waqf

About free sofware in general

  • How can you make some product Waqf (with charity intentions) and you allow people to make profit and collect fees ?
    • A: Waqf refers to the source, the source is offered for every one.
    • A: The allowed fees are for services not for the source

For those Who are familiar with FLOSS

  • is “Waqf” an OSI-approved or FSF-approved license ?
    • A: “Waqf” have just bean released, and it was not translated until 2009-01-23
    • A: we have not apply for the approval nor we have received any critics
    • A: the intention behind the license was not set by some company nor some movement, as the concept of Waqf in Islamic culture predates free software movement.
    • A: we don't see obvious violation to OSI and FSF terms, but we have no right to speak on their behalf.
  • according to OSI's definition of opensource the license should do “No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups” does Waqf pass this condition
    • A: clearly yes
  • How Waqf passes “The freedom to run the program, for any purpose” in FSF's definition of Free Software while “Waqf” ?
    • A: later it says “to help your neighbor” not to kill him! having a license from the author does not make illegal things legal.

Why we use yet another FLOSS license

  • Waqf is not new, Waqf had been used to boost scientific advance in Islamic civilization for centuries
  • if the law allow us to have some thing as a property, then we (the owners) have the right to make what we own as waqf
  • we need to show our different vision, motivation and ethical background, we are not doing this because we are communist nor socialist nor capitalists who feel pathetic..etc. nor what ever background
  • in the forth term we made an obligation on distributing the modifications that it must be known the the end user that this is a modification

it's similar to changelog requirement in GPL but unlike GPL this should be accessible and visible to the end use (not just the developers in the changelog that is hidden from binary end users) this can be done in “about” menu or in splash screens or package name or in any suitable mean as long as there is no confusion to a common user.

  • we want to show our circle of interest, we want to make more useful software that helps humanity. if some one wants to contribute a new harmful software as waqf we will tell him “you can't use our license on your software, you may use GPL

or make your software proprietary we don't care”

in case you are going to ask me how do you define useful and harmful it's out of the scope of waqf we are not going to judge and as you know, the Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) is well-established and courts can judge if this or that is considered a useful and Waqf-able or not.

Islamophobia and FUD hypes against Waqf

Due to Islamophobia syndrome we expect that Waqf won't be treated fairly in the west. And here are some answers to some expected questions.



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